Company Profile

Xintecontinues Sinte as a professional air tools factory, and has produced the air tool more than thirty years. Our sale area is throughout the world, mainly in U.S.A.

Apart from continuing the professional air tools of Sinte, we added the new designed team. In addition to improving the technology of air tool, we also combine mold with design. Besides, we save the development and speed up developing new products by a series of continuing measure. In order to progress not only professional techniques but technology, we also manufacture electric goods and precision of hand tools.

Core Value

Innovative service

Excellent quality

Professional production

Xinte has had rich experience of design and mold for many years, and has developed a series of various air tools, such as electric tooth-washing machine, plastic ocarinas and so on. B

ecause we have core technology of design and mold, we create new opportunities constantly across other areas so that we receive a lot of praise. We hope that your company can concern about not only the air tools but our outstanding skills. Let’s create excellent results with each other.

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