XT-0301 Air Eraser
Specifications :  
Free Speed (RPM) 2,500
power HP  
Air Inlet (NPT) 1/4"
Air Consumption CFM 4
Required Pressure  
Hose Size (ID) Inch (mm) 3/8"(10)
Weight (KG) 0.95
Exhaust Rear
product description

We extend with existing products to develop new goods. In order to reduce occupational injury for long-term users and make it more comfortable, we increase its function and use anti-vibration material as body gum cover. The rubber sleeve is designed for two-section and body-connection to change one to three colors for customers to design their own color of company and change the cold stereotypes of the air tools. Our characteristic is that LOGO is combined with mold by the new gum covers to let the customers omit the labeling printing and increase the texture of products.

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